The Strategy

Do you want to Overperformance the SPY ETF index?

Just follow “The Strategy” and you will have better returns than SPY in any 10 years frame, also in most of years.

Graph_1: From Jan2020 to Jun2020, based on initial principal of 30,000 Usd

Graph_2: From Jan2010 to Dec2019, based on initial principal of 30,000 Usd

Graph_3: From Jan2000 to Dec2009, based on initial principal of 30,000 Usd



After more than 10 years studying the Options, and trading them with not perfect return, I develop a custom software that let me test allmost infinite strategies with several Option Model Prices, then i could isolate just the best, and now i can share with you my strategy, my goal is to setup a Edge Fund, but i have not enough money or investors to make it real, so this blog is a way i can share and make money form Premium menbers till i can make true the Edge Fund idea in a future. In that future i hope you also invest in the fund.

Basic Concept of the Strategy common trades:

After millions of backtestings in my sofware, i can see clear that the better for options is Buy or Sell just naked options, with stop loss or/and stop profit. Now i think i waste a lot of time using Iron Condors, Strangles, Straddles, Ratios and a lot more exotic names, also i lost time reading books about it all this combos + adjusting schemes, not work as well in the long run as just the above mentoined naked+stops. The sofware indicates the best is to treat each operation as a single one, and it is better to close an operation losing money the adjusting with other options. Other important one is the leverage, so choosing the rigth amount of contract to trade is the key to mantain low Drawdown and get the best Gains/Drawdown.

How to trade this Strategy?

I have a lot of signals before open the market, other i need after opening the SPY goes up or down some % to enter the trade. I post all my signal for openning a trade, someones i put the post, a lot of time before market is open, others i need certain extra condition as for example some indicator change just whem market opens, so these trades will be need some easy extra calculus in your side, the key is you will have the info hours before you oreder the real trade. Anyways most of my trades are closed to Free users. So the only whay you can copy all my strategy is to be a Premium Member, this way you will have acces to all the post i open, and the updates  in the posts, to perfect copy the Strategy trades, also to exit the trade in time, and most important what rule of number of contracts will you use. I use to make public the content of the trade the day after trade is open.

How safe is the Strategy?

Past performance is no guarantee of future results” is generally treated as a warning label: Don’t assume an investment will continue to do well in the future simply because it’s done well in the past.

Same here, althouh ” The Strategy” is tested in more than 20 years, the average gain can be betwen 15-60% a year, depends in the Drawdwon you are able to asume.

I have yet to put a table of the returns/DD info