Frecuenty Asked Question Block. If you have new questions, please ask me in optionexpert@gmail.com, but not warranty i anwer them.

Q: When did The Strategy start to trade?

A: First time The Strategy was public in this web was Jun2020, but the Strategy was tested in real for first time Jan 2020.

Q: Why The Strategy choose just SPY as underline for the Options?

A: The SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) is one of the most liquid underline for trading options, this way  the Bid-ask spread is on the lowest range versus other underlines options, also the SPY ETF give us a balanced shares portfolio itself, avoidind the unsystematic risk otherways we will have if we choose a single share as underline for any options strategy

Q: How many time i will trade in a Year in The Strategy?

A: Average trades are 50 in a year, 4-5 in one month. This is changing, ususally to more trades, as i am improving the strategy.

Q: What happend if i become Premium membership for a month and there is no trades in the month?

A:  If this happend , you will not be refund. The algorithm send signals time before the trade will happen, so you can see them in the Trandin log, if is going to be some trade in the day you will know hours before market is open, in this case it is a good moment to become Premium Membership. 

Q: Which is the minimum amount in USD to put The Strategy to work?

A: The Strategy is designed for a initial capital of 30,000 USD, with this amount and at the lowers risk levels, it have a 15-16% of MaxDrawDown from 1993 to now, and a average yearly return of 15%. But you can use it with a mimimun of 10000USD with some modifications, let me show you some examples:

The Strategy Minimal Amount MaxDrawDown Anual Average Return
OriginalDD15 30000 USD 15% 15%
OriginalDD25 20000 USD 25% 30%
OriginalDD40 10000 USD 40% 50%
Mod10000 10000 USD 20% 20%

Q: Why your Orthography are so bad?

A: I am not native English, i now just enought to understand English, and to speak, but writing is not my strong. Sorry for this. Anyways, your are here because the numbers, not the text. The important one here is what is under the hood.

Q: What are you credentials?

A: I am am not PhD, but i have study in Universty as Engineer. Anyways my knowledge to find “The Strategy” was self taugth. At the end you just need to have time to do it. “The Strategy” is based just in Statistical data, and Leverage, the most time consuming is make new formulas for calculating the actual price of the Options and ,also coding all the application from scratch. My inspiration are Jim Simons and Edward o. Thorp.

Q: Are you selling your software, will you manage my account, can i have your phone, etc?

A: No

Q: Why are you not answering my questions in your email?

A: As i inted to grow the money for open an Edge Fund, i want not discusion about any topic, if you know more than me, i am sure you are making better than me, if you know less than me perhaps you are asking things to me, that you can find in Wikipedia or Investopia.


Q: I now anything about Options, can i trade “The Strategy”?

A: Options are very complex product, you never have to trade options if you not know what are you doing, in other way, options are financial product you can buy or sell, if you are a Premium Member, you will recieve emails telling how and what you have to buy or sell, so you will have no problems althoug you know nothing about options. The only problematic situation will be the expiration day, but i will tell you how to manage the situation of expiration day, and dividends when the trade goes in some of this situations in the same post of the open trade info